How to prepare for surgery?

Careful attention to the following instructions will help ensure your control and reduce the possibility of complications.


Eating and drinking
Undigested food in the stomach can cause complications and your surgery is likely to be postponed if you forget. No drinking (even water) and eating (even chewing gum) after midnight the day preceding surgery is allowed.


Bath, shower and teeth brushing
Taking a bath, shower and brushing your teeth will assist you in feeling refreshed as well as minimize the chance of infection. Taking care not to swallow any water on the morning of the surgery.
Remove all make-up, nail polish.


Refrain from smoking after midnight on the day preceding surgery.


Suspected pregnancy
If you suspect any pregnancy prior the procedure, you treating doctor must be informed. Anesthesia and medication may be harmful to the developing fetus.


Health changes and elevated temperature
If you experience any health changes or and elevated temperature between your most recent visit to the physician and the day of surgery, notify your physician.


Jewelry, contact lenses and other valuables
Leave all jewelry and other valuable items at home for safe keeping.


Comfortable clothing
During surgery, you will wear a patient gown provided by the day theatre. Bring comfortable loose clothing and comfortable shoes along to wear on your way home. Keep in mind our hospital is always kept at a cooler temperature.


Completed forms
You can download and print the required pre-admission form from this website. Please ensure that you obtained the authorization code from your medical aid for the procedure. Bring your medical aid card and identification document along.


Pediatric patients
We understand the special needs of children. If you would like to bring your child in for a tour before their procedure, please contact us for a time. Frequently, this will help ease anxiety that you and your child may feel. Please bring a favorite toy or blanket for your child to help them feel more comfortable.
Both parents may stay with their child in the preoperative area before surgery and in the postoperative recovery area. A parent or legal guardian must remain in the day theatre while the child is under our care.

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